"MSB" was created in October of 2012, by Frank Casano; CEO of Air City Inc. Transportation and Mark Caspers; Chairman of Caspers Construction Company. MSB is an international transportation service that prioritizes in construction material delivery from international ports, while insuring first class service of internationally procured construction materials. Today’s construction industry requires new solutions and "out of the box" ideas at a fair price. With over 30 years of industry experience, the MSB mission is to provide a valuable service to our client base that until now, did not exist - a single source solution that installs confidence; accurate pricing and real time updates, providing a "best value" opportunity.

MSB provides a controlled, trackable process managed by a single entity that is part of the project procurement team. This approach eliminates the traditional third party delivery method and assigns all responsibility to one party, thereby eliminating any “ who’s to blame” scenario. By replacing a traditional procurement manager with a member of an international procurement team, we produce real time information and cost forecasting to upper management on a daily basis. This full service approach helps to maintain accurate information on material delivery status on a worldwide basis. It also eliminates relying on hired US based and International brokers.

From door to port and port to door, when it comes to helping our clients build a better future…MSB Delivers!