We use our 35 years of commercial and operational experiences, both in design and implementation, to engage in international procurement that provides a best value initiative for our clients. Our motivation is to combine our large volume construction experience directly with a major shipping partner to change the par of international procurement and directly provide our client base a best value solution.


- The need for a US broker.
- US broker having an "international specific broker" to coordinate manufactured product.
- Identifying fees that each broker is requiring in order to provide a so-called "committed delivery service".
- Inaccurate cost reporting on associated fees, taxes, and port changes.
- Inconsistency in "door to port" deliveries from manufacturing facility to freightliner port.
- Reoccurring short load fees.
- Inconsistent container inventory for on-time loading of material.
- Inconsistent insurance fees due to not having a streamlined process.
- Inaccurate transaction forms required by US customs, which in turn delay product release.
- No confidence in timely delivery.
- No partnership strategies regarding the best approach in shipping awkward size loads or special materials.