Sourcing Direct from the factory takes advantage of any supplier volume discounts as well as any applicable country-specific rebates. You also save on the margin added to the cost price by both the distributor and the wholesaler.

- "Cutting Out The Middleman": The direct sourcing of materials and finished goods direct from the country of origin increases the effciency of the entire process, thus allowing for faster turn-around times and overall satisfaction. In addition, the management and control of the goods direct from the source brings several operational efficiencies on how goods are delivered to site.

- MSB provides a full turn-key service door to door. Our sourcing protocols include due diligence on the production facility, pre-production master sample, pre-shipment inspection, and all the supply chain evaluations to help ensure a successful final delivery.

- MSB can facilitate any incoterm your business finds the most favorable by which to purchase goods and materials. We can also advise you on which terms could prove more favorable when sourcing goods and services overseas. Our sourcing and procurement documentation is comprehensive and robust, employing the same MSB ethos to building your specification as that utilized in the design of your supply chain – We listen!